Our Services

At Moore Management we offer a comprehensive range of fund administration and management services to meet the specific needs of our clients and fulfill their objectives. Our goal is, and always will be, to deliver a full package of fund services to clients needing expert, individual attention rather than an off-the-shelf product. To find out more about a particular service please choose from the list below.

Non-Discretionary Fund Management

We provide manager services through our subsidiary, Moore Management (Bermuda) Limited. The manager is responsible for running the fund to reflect the goals and objectives as set out in the offering documents. The manager is also responsible for making investments on behalf of the unit trust fund, on a non-discretionary basis. We can act as manager to Cayman, Bermuda, Jersey and Guernsey unit trusts.

Operational responsibilities and functions of the manager:

  • Structuring and project managing the establishment of new funds
  • Making relevant filings in Cayman/Bermuda and Japan (initial and ongoing)
  • Authorising the issue and redemption of the units (for public offering funds)
  • Cash management / cash flow
  • Issuing asset allocation instructions on a non-discretionary basis 
  • Approving fees and expenses
  • Determining and approving distributions
  • Establishing annual reserves and accruals 
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting to investors
  • Engaging the fund’s auditor and approving / signing the annual audited financial statements 
  • Implementing and managing the fund termination process
We are a First / Names Group Company