Case Study Jersey investment holding company structure


A large national, pension fund approached us through their investment consultants. The client was looking for a more organised, cost-effective and efficient structure for the portion (60%) of their pension investment portfolio that is held offshore.

Our solution

Potential solutions included a unit trust structure, a limited partnership structure and an investment holding company. It was decided that the investment holding company structure was the best option in this case due to its simplicity and high level of management and control.

A small number of the pension trustees were placed on the board to provide oversight and control of the investment holding company’s investment strategy and activities. Moore’s role as company secretary ensures that board meetings are scheduled effectively and comply with the company’s constitutional documents. The onshore pension is the sole shareholder of the investment holding company.

The investment holding company has been structured to provide two classes of shares in order to facilitate both active contributory pensioners investing in a growth portfolio and pensioners who are drawing income from their pensions and require an income-based portfolio. The investment advisor sits outside of the offshore investment holding company and advises the onshore pension fund on all investment activities collectively. 

Our services

Company secretary, administration, accounting and valuations, investor servicing, registered office and compliance services.

External services

A global bank was appointed as custodian to hold assets of the investment holding company.


  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Custodian Agreement
  • Administration Agreement

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